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6 Questions to validate your Business Idea
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March 3, 2018
Business IdeasValidate your Business Idea

Quitting your daily job and starting your business requires guts and it is one decision that can entirely change your future.

The foundation idea of this decision should be rock solid with your complete trust in it otherwise it can’t go the decision.

You need to be damn sure about the idea you plan on risking your entire career. To help you do that follow the below line of questioning and you will find the answer whether your Idea is worth fighting for and more importantly ‘Are you ready to do justice with it?’

  • Are you Sure?
    Ideas when emerge are vague in their initial stage, they have to be shaped into a complete Business Models. You have to be very clear in creating the flow of the idea. The complete repeatable cycle that will help your business stay afloat and help progress itself.
  • Are you Solving a Problem?
    People fail to understand the basic fundamental of a startup’s success. You may have the most kickass idea in the world but if it is not solving a problem for the masses, the market is not going to accept the idea. It is very important to connect to the masses. Simple, ‘Don’t find customers for your product, find product for your customers’ and there’s nothing stopping you.
  • Is there competition in your niche and how are they doing?
    Hey, Don’t be alarmed. It is good to have a few players in the field. It automatically validates your idea partially as there are others investing money in it. It also makes easy for you by providing a initial roadmap for you to begin with.

    Starting last doesn’t mean you are going to end up last. It gives you a benchmark and helps you identify and distinguish your USP’s from others. What are your competitors not able to provide. Figure it out and you are in Business.
  • FeedBack
    It is important to you to survey that your idea and USP’s are relevant to your target audience. Feedback is very necessary to find it out. You can use IdeaCheck.io to pitch your idea to your potential target audience and obtain genuine feedback. A Pre-launch survey can be a turner in your dream project.
  • Do you have all you need for a Launch?
    You may be good on paper but are you ready to Hit the ground. Is your product ready? Is your Business Model ready with a repeatable cycle of revenue model ready? How are you going to finance your business? What will be your short term and long term goals?
  • Are you Ready?
    You may have come through your idea but the real deal is to come through yourself. Are you ready to dedicate your all, then don’t think and get in the field. It is not going to be easy but being prepared for what’s coming can ease your journey.

Your Idea and Business Model are the foundation of your future, they better be strong.

Also see what others Individuals have about validating your Idea. Participate the discussion to add your own views about Business Ideas.

Validate your Business Idea

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  1. Yeah, it’s very important to validate your business idea before you start investing in it. All sorts of people have new business ideas, but not all of them end up founding successful businesses.Thanks for providing us with steps for business idea validation!

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