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How to improve Email Marketing Strategy?
Digital Marketing
Emma Wilson
January 13, 2020

Email marketing has a lot of potential, but here is the point, many businesses fail to understand the importance of the same. 

If the content is said to be the king then, Email marketing is the queen.

The biggest mistake that businesses are doing nowadays is, after sending a few emails and not receiving any sort of engagement, many marketers stop sending emails labeling as ineffective. Email marketing is the communication channel that is most effective as it builds a relationship between the brand and customers directly. Main things to keep in mind while sending emails are following

1) Understand your Target Audience 

Understanding the target audience means to know the audience’s mindset, their problems, needs, and desires. As a business, your main role should be providing value.

The products and contents you are providing strongly impact the same.

2) Keep your e-mail short and to the point

The email should not lengthy as no is interested and no one is having time to read the lengthy mails. You have to share the content on mail which is short and concise and should also be like, redirecting them to your website.

3) Headlines are important

Whenever anyone sees a mail, the first thing that impresses or disappoints them are the headlines, that decides, the person is going to open the email or swipe right from the notification tab. Proper headlines are important with optimizations

4) Personalize your mail by doing segmenting 

This means that you have to segment the category, divide all products according to the categories, one cannot just write mails in a single flow.

For example, if you are selling a dress than you have to categorize on mail, differentiate men’s dress from women’s dress and so on.

5) Have a good CTA (call to action) button

CTA button is very important in the digital field as you must have seen salespeople never end the discussion, they always ask questions and that question framing is done in such a way that client must take an action, so your email should also be written in such a way that customers open, reads and click on the CTA button.

6) Always give a solution/benefits

What people generally do is, in the email, they generally share the features of the products they are trying to sell, this is wrong, the content should be like what is the solution or what are the benefits the products are providing, in today’s world it should be more like solving a problem.

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Airbnb Pitch Deck
Pitch Decks
Nikhil Sharma
December 27, 2019
Airbnb Pitch Deck

The Airbnb pitch deck template based on the original from 2009 is the perfect pitch deck reference for entrepreneurs around the globe. Airbnb founder’s, Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk used this pitch to raise $600K from Sequoia Capital and Y Ventures. 

Recovered from a 2011 talk by Blecharczyk on Startup Bootcamp in Boston, we got the exact slides that they used to pitch investors on their original fundraising. The pitch was successful at projecting the vision and the market opportunity they had.

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Best times to post on different social media platforms!
Social Media
Nikhil Sharma
December 9, 2019
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All about Bots… ChatBots!
Digital Marketing
Emma Wilson
October 19, 2019

Chatbots are the latest trend in eCommerce. Everyone is thinking about it and every company is trying to figure out how to use it. However we want to believe that we are living in a world of smart automation like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, there are limits to what the chatbots of today can offer. That being said, chatbots are here to remain – and make our lives simpler as eCommerce marketers. This comes with a couple of caveats, of course.

What is a ChatBot?

Chatbots are small programs that help to automatically simulate customer interactions based on a set of predefined conditions, triggers, and/or events. 

The use of chatbots has several advantages: 

  • They can be constructive and responsive.
  • Each time, their responses are strong.
  • They will immediately respond to customers.
  • They will help you compile important data and benefit from the collected data as well. 
  • These can be used by various media such as Email, live chat, or even social media.

A chatbot’s very concept is nothing new. They’ve actually been around since the 1960s.

However, only a recent phenomenon is the use of chatbots to help businesses grow.

When consumers become more selective not only in the manner they choose to shop, but also in the way they want to connect to companies, most conventional online experiences are just not adequately efficient.

Chatbots in Future and Beyond:

Chatbots business applications for consumer goods are growing rapidly.

In reality, more than 50 per cent of consumers, according to a Facebook poll, claim they’re more likely to shop with a company they can link to via chat.

Buyers expect to be able to find the information they’re searching for with a click of a button and a blink of an eye. Frustration begins brewing when this is not done, and this can lead to a loss in revenue or even a loss of potential customers forever. To learn why chatbots can alleviate some of these challenges and enhance the user experience, they need to look at how consumers choose to communicate with business today.

We can see how email and telephone are still the dominant channels of communication for many customers. And while live chat, self-service, social media, and chatbots are relatively small in terms of raw volume, the growth of these channels is astounding. 

The top 4 most annoying things about any online experience are: 

  • Places that are difficult to navigate (34%). 
  • Can’t get answers to simple questions (31%) 
  • Simple specifics of a hard-to-find company (28%). 
  • It takes too long (27 per cent) to seek facilities.

Because chatbots can help with the 4 most common frustrations such as getting simple things answered quickly or getting some basic information about a business, chatbots can easily perform basic frontline support tasks.

While going down the chatbot path for your company, an important rule to note is that chatbots are really industry-specific and there is currently no one-size-fits-all bot. Imagine a 24/7 customer service representative who is willing to welcome and speak knowledgeably, and it is highly scalable and an easy way to engage consumers and build new relationships via conversational advertising. 

Chatbots are still known to be an emerging technology, but they evolve quickly and become a standard in the customer service, sales and marketing operations of many companies.

That said, there are still a number of current generation chatbots in their adolescence– they have big ambitions, yet they lack the experience or knowledge to execute.

The road of grandeur is not a path to redemption.

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