• July 21, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    Discuss.Business Community pledge to help YOU with all the information, advice, assistance and resources required to Start, Manage, Market or Scale your business profitably.

    Well, YOU, who may be a successful businessman/ entrepreneur, seasoned founder, or just founded a startup, or may be a wannabe thinking to start some day.

    When YOU reach this Business Community aptly titled Discuss.Business YOU may wonder, How do I stand to benefit here, What’s in it for me?

    This is where we all start right, this is how a businessman evolves, doing away with all the distractions, the divergence that hampers growth, scale and profitability of the business and relentless focus on core value that matters to the world.

    This is the where exactly we wanted to create a difference as a community, the very concept we pondered over for days, months, how to add value to to your business/ enterprise with minimal time and attention span. 

    As YOU would be busy trying to run your business in the most efficient way and thus would always be short on time. Hence we concluded that the best value we can contribute so that YOU can have nonstop business growth is to get the most fundamental and trusted info on how to run any business profitably in a very crisp and to the point manner.

    With this foundation principle, we decided that we will discuss everything on merit and moderate with a purpose so as only the best should consume your time and you get what you deserve, just best info, plans, strategy, experiences, clues, and above all what not do.

    We pledge that we will manage following benchmarks to get the best Business Community Experience for you.

    1. No jargons or intellectual talk
    2. No disguised product/ service/ affiliate pitches
    3. Only discussions that matter
    4. Meaningful insights with exact execution steps
    5. Shortest possible paths to reach desired profitability metrics
    6. Eliminating information overload
    7. Trust and respect for all

    Whats more important is we will encourage each and everyone of YOU to share the best, the good, the bad or the worst out of your business experience.

    To gain, is to share, which is to gain and further which is to be shared, endlessly | NS

    Hope you get enough value that lets you give back and share all you can to community & gain all you can further to grow together, driving us to the best we can as a community. Let this cycle continue forever… till you achieve NONSTOP BUSINESS GROWTH