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Google will be redirecting old Search Console Reports to New Ones.
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Emma Wilson
December 20, 2018

Search Engine Google said it makes some report changes in old Google search console. It has been a replacement in the new version of Google search console. Google told that most of these reports will get new search console. An old version of Google search console will be excessive into a new one. Although such reports like links to your website, manual action, site index status, mobile usability as well as analytics will lead to parallel to the updated Google Search Console. This performance report replaces actually Google search analytics.

What are the new changing?

This Google Search analytics report will be redirected into a performance report. it will take a short time to learn how to use this.

Connect a website or webpage to Google search console

Firstly, We open a Google search console link and create properties in Google search console for all website properties then we need to verify the property ownership.

Using new Google Search Console makes better life for SEOs

You can see that performance section will be similar to the old Google Search Console. it provides information about queries brought Google users to your website and shows most important landing page as well as details or information. Now Google has been decided coverage section into 4 different parts. These are-

  • Bug pages
  • Valid
  • Valid with warnings
  • URL is not indexed in Google that is Excluded

Why should we care about this new update?

We need to learn more about new Google search console to use a new search console report or any other changes on the daily basis and begin using new Google search console report over the old one. Otherwise, Google said that you should be able to get the information you want from new Google search console reports. This will take a small time duration to learn how to use new Google search console.

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