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Key Steps to Manage your Startup Growth
Emma Wilson
May 18, 2018
manage startup growth

Managing a startup is more difficult than actually starting it. It might seem a little awkward but it’s actually the truth which most of the entrepreneur feel in their entrepreneurial journey. There are many reasons for startup failure and not managing the growth well is one of them.

Growing in the business is great but it comes with its own additional responsibility and failure to fulfill it leads to failure of the business.

Here are some key steps which if followed, may help you in effectively manage startup growth:


1. Customer focused

customer focused

If in the midst of the growth of your business, you have forgotten to listen to your customer needs and demands then you are probably making your own way to the failure. To manage startup growth, you must focus on customers’ evolving needs. No business can grow without keeping its consumers happy.

Always keep in mind that no matter at which phase your start-up is, you should never stop listening to your customers.

2. The Right Team for your Business

right team to manage startup growth

Hire the right team for your business and focus on retaining them as it is the team that plays an important role in understanding and executing the founder’s vision. Having the right team gets even more crucial when your organization is growing at a fast pace.

Whether a startup makes or breaks highly depends on if you have the right people on the team. The right team will take your organization to success and helps to manage startup growth.

3. Timely Improvements

timely improvements

When the organization is growing at a fast pace, it should pay adequate attention to changing trends and make timely improvements accordingly when and wherever required to manage startup growth. It should make use of trending apps like Hotjar, Databox etc to kickstart the startup growth.

Keeping up with the changing trends will give the company a leg up on the competition in this dynamic world. It’s only by doing so one can effectively manage startup growth and ensure success.

4. Execution


Someone has rightly said “Ideas are worthless. Execution is worth millions.” Ideas are everywhere but what will make you outstanding in the competition is how well do you execute it.

If you are good in execution, your startup’s growth is going to be a smooth sail.  

Invest in individuals who perform duties and obligations in a clearly defined way. This can ensure the efficient functioning of your startup. Make use of tools like checklists, if needed, to make sure that every function runs smoothly and gets completed within the deadline.

5. Assess for sustainability


Your startup has to be scalable. Check for the sustainability of your business. If your business has the capability to sustain then only it is wiser to take the decision of scaling the business.  

Do keep in mind the above-mentioned points to manage startup growth and be a successful entrepreneur.

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