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You Need to Know about What is Breadcrumbs in SEO?
Digital Marketing
Emma Wilson
January 3, 2019

Breadcrumbs are one of the important parts for all best website. Using Breadcrumb, this helps Google bots too much better understand webpage or website structure. These are the links that allow audiences to analyze and track the way from the page. All websites do not navigation this but this is very helpful for SEO purpose.

You can use Breadcrumbs at your web pages or website.

  • Long blog
  • web applications
  • website with many inner pages
  • websites with many categories
  • Shopping & eCommerce website

Breadcrumbs Types

There are mainly three types of Breadcrumbs. these are as follows-

1. Hierarchy breadcrumbs- These are very common types of Breadcrumbs such as this tell us where we are in the site structure and can count how many step to get back to website’s homepage such as Home > Blog > Blog category > Blog title name.

2. Attribute breadcrumbs- In attribute-based breadcrumbs, a user search on the eCommerce website. Attribute breadcrumbs works when you use filters such as Home > Product category > Gender > Color > Size > Shape.

3. History breadcrumbs- History-based breadcrumbs provide the user with a history they have followed through the website such as Home > Previous page > Previous page > Current page.

Some Breadcrumbs feature are as follows:

  • We can update Breadcrumbs to any website that is static and Dynamic.
  • Import & export.
  • You can enable and disable of breadcrumbs.
  • It can be hidden if they contain only an element
  • All titles are translatable
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Video Marketing is essential for Business!
Digital Marketing SEO
Emma Wilson
December 20, 2018
video marketing

Video marketing has been gaining prominence in digital marketing these days. According to a source, 81% of companies use video for marketing purposes in 2018 as compared to 63% in 2017.

Everyone wants only one thing online that is video marketing. All looks at it, enjoy it and want more of it. Content marketing has been shifted to video streaming. This trend will continue in the future too. All companies and corporations have already started going this way by creating their same profiles to showcase their brand with the help of video marketing.

If your brand is inactive for some time then you can make video marketing to bring your back to life that will help. If anyone is looking for an online marketing strategy that is going to be fascinating, yet useful, then It is the best way to go.

There are are many reasons business need to use video marketing such as-

1. Video boost sales and conversions

If we add a video on website landing page then it can increase conversions by 80%. Studies tell that 73% of audience watch video to know about a service or product after bought it. If images or pictures can boost engagement then imagine what moving pictures can do to your business.

2. Google love videos

Videos can increase spent the time duration by users on the website and longer exposure creates trust which indicates Google that the website has the best content. If you have a video on your website then you are around 51 times more likely to show up first on a search engine.

3. Video building trust

Build trust must be a target. Trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. The new trending demands a focus on action, not only content, not traffic in your target people who are extending your content.

The video does it all. YouTubers have created a more important figure to social media to promote any brand. So if you are really serious for content marketing then you should also be serious for video too. 57% of users tell that online videos gave more confidence to buy online.

4. Video appeals to mobile users

In this world, 90% of users watch the videos on their phone and user like to watch video on go, and mobile phone users are growing and video audience keeps getting more, it surely is a great opportunity.

5. Video Marketing Explains all things

98% users watch an explainer video to learn more about a service or product that’s why 42% of services and businesses use video marketing and 83% businesses said that index page video was more effective in the decision making process.

There are many social media platforms that we should focus when this comes to videos, including social media platform sites. 22% viewers watch the view on Snapchat, 22% watches on twitter site and 24% people see the video on Instagram and 32% of viewers see the video on YouTube and other 49% of viewers watch videos on Facebook.

This is one of the main reasons that your videos need to be posted on many types of social media network platforms. It is a good way that our audiences are available to connect with you easily and remember the details that we are giving in that video.

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